about us

Isfahan Osveh Sanat Company has been established in 2010 by Esmaeil Hafizi, in the field of designing and manufacturing food industry and cold pressed oil machines.

With the help of the newest technological methods for manufacturing full-option machines, the company turned out to be one the most reputable and trusted brands in Iran sooner than expected and now it has been exporting their goods abroad.

Osveh Company is active in two areas:

1- It produces more than 300 types of healthy and organic food in order for encouraging people to eat healthy diet.

2- It manufactures food industry machines and equipment for agricultural products, such as cold pressed oil machines, tahini machines, dehydrators, grinding machines, customized machines and other properties. These machines are designed and manufactured in different sizes for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes.

Osveh Company aims to value society and ensure a healthy life style by extending entrepreneurship and economic innovation.

Osveh Sanat Company has obtained ISO 9001 Standards in 2007, CE marking and ISO 22000 HACCP/BRSM/IAS.

By virtue of high quality material and brand new designs, Osveh Company has managed to export their products to East Asia, Middle East and European countries.

Osveh health store: Ayatollah Dorche Street, Dorche, Isfahan, Iran.

Osveh Sanat Company: Next to Sard-Iran cold store, Shahid Abbaspoor Street, Isfahan, Iran


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