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Grain Sorting Sieve Machine


Isfahan Osveh Sanat destoner capable of sieving grains such as sesame, fennel, or flax-seed, designed and manufactured with the output capacity of 70 kg/h.

Isfahan Osveh Sanat twin-engined , 3 hp destoners are capable of pulling, and screening out the dust and stones. and a single-engined, 4 hp, 900 rpm destoners are capable of sieving the materials with the optimum result.

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last updated: 2022/01/01



Specifications of Grain Sorting Sieve Machine

Output capacity: 1000 kg/h

Guaranteed: 12 months

After-sale services: 30 months

Body material: aluminum

Color: white, black, red

Consumption power: 5 kW

weight: 950 kg

Dimensions: 170*125*240 cm

Color: according to customer’s requirements

Use: commercial

Single/three-phase: according to customer’s requirements

Descriptions of Multi-function Grain Sorting Sieve Machine

Osveh Grain Sorting Machine or vibrating screen is equipped with 2 engines with the power of 3 horse power. The product can particularly screen and grade seeds of wheat, rice, soybeans and others. It separates impurities such as dust, debris, pebbles and defective seeds as well as sifting out intact seeds. Osveh Grain Sorting Machine can also screen and grade powdery and granular materials, small and medium-sized grains. The fan installed on the machine directly removes the light-weight leaves or wheat straw. It consumes 5 kW per hour and weighs 950 kg.

Osveh is a manufacturing company. Hence, customization is available according to customer’s requirements; which replaces the need to have so many options of dimensions, color and power type. This product yields 1000 kg produce per hour. This machine is suitable for large grain farmers and food factories.

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