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Pneumatic Juice Press

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Isfahan Osveh Sanat Company designs and manufactures hydraulic juice presses that are capable of producing oil, syrup, and vinegar by residue dewatering.

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last updated: 2022/01/01



Specifications of Pneumatic Juice Press

Capacity of the steel chamber: 50 L

Amount of pressure: 1.5 ton

Height: 200 cm

Width: 70 cm

Length: 70 cm

Weight: 150 kg

Power type: single-phase

single/three-phase: can be requested.

Guaranteed: 1 year

After-sale services: 5 years

Output capacity: 70 kg/h


Isfahan Osveh Sanat Pneumatic juice press with the use of the best alloys, are easily operated at shops in order for extracting oil, syrup, or vinegar by dewatering fruit residue.

Osveh Pneumatic press juicers are useful for industrial purposes like making large amount of tahini oil, nut milk, vinegar and fruit juice such as pomegranate juice.  Besides, to give more examples of its usage, Osveh powerful hydraulic press extracts every vital drop of juice, syrup and vinegar. It extracts 80% of the oil press cake. This sturdy machine is easy to use for operators and features high speed operation which makes it outstanding. Moreover, it is able to extract oil from medicinal herbs after bain-marie. The body of the machine is made of 304 and 316 stainless steel. If you would like to set up an oil production line, do not miss out on such awesome machine.

There are 3 types of juice press:





The amount of pressure for each model are as follows:

Manual: up to 3 tons

Pneumatic: up to 2 tons

Hydraulic: 6 tons


Capacity: 50-70 kg, depending on the model.

Container material: stainless steel

Body material: steel


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