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500 L Steel Tank

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Isfahan Osveh Sanat steel tank series T, capable of storing food materials such as oil, vinegar, and syrup.

The body material is food grade stainless steel certified by Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

They are available in different sizes.

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last updated: 2022/01/01



500 L Steel Tank



OT 50 50 L
OT 75 75 L
OT 100 100 L
OT 200 200 L
OT 300 300 L
OT 500 500 L
OT 1000 1000 L


30 L stainless steel tank at $49

40 L stainless steel tank at $58

100 L stainless steel tank at $168

200 L stainless steel tank at $260

300 L stainless steel tank at $330

500 L stainless steel tank at $378

60 L stainless steel tank at $169 (DK 60)


This type of tanks are made of grade 304 stainless steel. Grade 304 stainless steel is officially approved by the department of Food Hygiene and Quality Control. We highly recommend this type of tanks to those who would like to buy cold press oil machines. One of the benefits of Osveh steel tanks is that they are equipped with open/close valve which facilitates the bottle filling to a great extent. There is a small distance between the filling valve and the tank floor, and you need to bear in mind that the tank must sit for a period of time so that the sediment settles to the bottom of the tank. Thus, the sediment does not enter the bottles while bottle filling.

It is worth noting that these tanks are useful not only for oil, but also for different types of drinks such as lemonade, syrup, and verjuice which facilitates the process of bottle filling.

Isfahan Osveh Sanat Company, manufactures grade 304 stainless steel tanks, with 30 litre to 1000 liter capacity. These tanks are used to store food, such as edible oil, lemonade, verjuice, dairy products and sterilized liquids.


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