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Portable Tunnel Dehydrator


Today, people now have a much greater awareness of healthy and nutritious food such as dried fruit, vegetables, or jerky, recently added to the list of household products.

Isfahan Osveh Sanat dehydrators have helped the economy expand by dehydrating food with top-quality products.

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last updated: 2022/01/01




Output Capacity: 5000 kg

Tray Material: Steel/ Galvanized Steel

Body Material: Aluminum/ Steel/ Galvanized Steel

Overall Weight: 7800 kg

Guarantee: 12 Months

Dimensions: 260*1200*260 cm

Total Racks: 18 trolley: 648 trays/ 25 trolley: 900 trays

Tray Dimensions: 60*80

Furnace Material: Steel

After Sales Services: 30 Months

Fuel Types: Gas

 Three Phase: Yes

PLC Options: Can be requested

Capability: Works 24 hours



Further Descriptions:

Isfahan Osveh Machine Building Group is one of the best manufacturers of dehydrators. When using Osveh Sanat dehydrators, one does not need to add preservatives or sugar to the fruit. The results are unsurprisingly a testimony to the excellence of the dehydrators.

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways of dehydrating fruit and vegetables like saffron, garlic, shallot, onion, oleaster, sprouted grains, jujube, mushroom, okra, reishi mushroom, meat, shrimp, kashk, and oak is to use hot air circulation dehydrators. The materials are evenly heated and no nutrition is lost. The machine is low in noise.

The heating source might be electricity, gas, and gasoline to meet the needs of the customers. There is thermal insulation made of mineral wool between the walls of the dehydrators so that the heat efficiency is high and the energy is saved.

Osveh dehydrators contain: 

  • heating systems ( such as the furnace, industrial gas, gasoline, and electric burners, burner management systems, and smoke control system)
  • humidistat
  • airflow system
  • humidity control system


  • each cabinet dehydrator contains airflow dehydrators which provide uniform distribution of heat over each tray, maintaining a stable temperature over all the trays.
  • they contain trolleys and shelves in which there are 10 to 184 trays (depending on the dehydrator sizes, 75 to 1200 kg). The tray materials are either galvanized or stainless steel.
  • they contain three 80 g Automatic Iran Radiator Gas-fuel Burners.
  • lower energy consumption.
  • equipped with PLC boards or Digital Shiva Amvaj Multi-timer, thermostat, and humidistat.
  • equipped with six 1 hp centrifuges in order for circulation.
  • equipped with three 1 hp centrifugal vacuum in order for removing moisture.
  • double-walled ( thermal insulation made of mineral wool)


  • 100 kg dehydrator

dimensions: 76*80*130

qty of trays: 20

tray dimensions: 50*70

price: $900 (electric)/$950 (gas)


  • 200 kg dehydrator

dimensions: 190*110*197

qty of trays: 29

tray dimensions: 60*80

price: $1550


  • 250 kg dehydrator

dimensions: 190*110*250

qty of trays: 36

tray dimensions: 60*80

price: $1700


  • 300 kg dehydrator

dimensions: 197*165*210

qty of trays: 46

tray dimensions: 80*60

price: $2100



  • 400 kg dehydrator

qty of trays: 58

tray dimensions: 60*80

price: $2310


  • 500 kg dehydrator

dimensions: 205*165*250

qty of trays: 72

tray dimensions: 60*80

price: $3500


  • 600 kg dehydrator

dimensions: 310*165*197

qty of trays: 88

tray dimensions: 60*80

price: $3300


  • 800 kg dehydrator

dimensions: 310*165*197

qty of trays: 116

tray dimensions: 60*80

price: $3500


  • 1000 kg dehydrator

dimensions: 310*165*250

qty of trays: 144

tray dimensions: 60*80

price: $4050


  • 1500 kg dehydrator

dimensions: 410*200*250

qty of trays: 216

tray dimensions: 60*80

price: $6000


1-year guaranteed

5-year after-sales services


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