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75 kg Food Dehydrator


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last updated: 2022/01/01



Specifications of 75 kg Food Dehydrator

Output Capacity: 75 kg

Tray Material: Steel/ Galvanized Steel

Body Material: Aluminum/ Steel/ Galvanized Steel

Guarantee: 12 Months

Dimensions: 76*80*130 cm

Total Racks: 20 Trays

Tray Dimensions: 70*50

Furnace Material: Steel

After Sales Services: 30 Months

Fuel Types: Electric/Gas

Electric Consumption: 3 kW

Gas Consumption: 1/2 square meter

Single and Three Phase: Yes

PLC Options: according to customer’s requirements

Capability: Works 24 hours

Further descriptions of 75 kg Dehydrator

Isfahan Osveh Machine Building Group is one of the best manufacturers of dehydrators. When using Osveh Sanat dehydrators, one does not need to add preservatives or sugar to the fruit. The results are unsurprisingly a testimony to the excellence of the dehydrators.

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways of dehydrating fruit and vegetables like saffron, garlic, shallot, onion, oleaster, sprouted grains, jujube, mushroom, okra, reishi mushroom, meat, shrimp, kashk, and oak is to use hot air circulation dehydrators. The materials are evenly heated and no nutrition is lost.

The heating source might be electricity, gas, and gasoline to meet the needs of the customers. There is thermal insulation made of mineral wool between the walls of the dehydrators so that the heat efficiency is high and the energy is saved.

Dehydrator Specifications

Osveh dehydrators contain:

Heating systems (such as the furnace, industrial gas, gasoline, and electric burners, burner management systems, and smoke control system)


Airflow system

Humidity control system

75 kg Dehydrator

The air flow system utilizes suction and blowing mechanisms. The heat produced by the thermal transfer system is distributed evenly that dehydrates fruit slices at the same time.

Each cabinet contains trolleys and racks in which there are dehydrators in different sizes (75 to 1200 kg) and (from 10 to 184) mesh trays. The mesh trays are made of galvanized or stainless steel that are easy to wash and covered with plastic with high melting point verified by the Ministry of Health.

The dehydrator is facilitated with automatic Iran Radiator Burner and electric valve. When the thermostat lets the burner turn on, the electric valve opens the gas to light the burner.

The automatic relay which is installed on the burner, adjusts the igniter since the thermostat lets the burner turn on. In order for stopping the igniter from breaking down, the relay must be installed on the burner, so that the igniter stops working after the burner turns on.

Iran Radiator Burner is economical. Sparking during the dehydrating process shows that the burner does not stay on. When the heat is reduced, the burner ignites. Then it turns off when the heat reaches to the desired level.

Osveh Sanat Dehydrators:

Isfahan Osveh Sanat Dehydrators fall into three categories: A, B, and C; each of which have two types of “electrical control panel” and “PLC options”.

                Digital screen together with 3 monitors:
  1. Thermostat
  2. Multi-timer
  3.  Humidistat

There are 4 conditions of adjusting the PLC:

1- for herbs

2- for fruits

3- for meat

4- for manipulating the machine

How to operate Osveh Sanat Dehydrators:

Dehydrators with PLC:

This monitor has four states. Each temperature and time state is for a particular product. However, the monitor is facilitated with manual controls.

Note: the temperature must be 55 degrees centigrade by default. You can change the time manually.

Note: bear in mind that the best temperature for dehydrating fruit and herbs is 55 to 70 degrees centigrade. Although the temperature can rise up to 120 degrees centigrade; so if you are in a hurry, you can raise the temperature and dehydrate food in shorter time (this method is not recommended though, because the quality goes down.

How to adjust PLC:

TEMP= temperature


HUM= humidity

  1. Select number 4.
  2. Them select TOTAL TIME.
  3. Select CLEAR to remove the previous time.

Enter a new time and select OK. Select TEMP (temperature) and adjust the temperature according to the process duration. Then you go back to home page. Touch the START button. Then the dehydrator starts.

Bear in mind that for example if you set the humidistat at 25 percent and start the dehydrator, the machine turns off at 20%.

Dehydrators without PLC:

Press the enter button on the inverter; so that the relay A starts blinking.

By means of arrow keys, enter the desired time to keep the dehydrator on. The relay B starts blinking.

Restart the timer; so that the changes will be saved.

Turn on the middle key which is for the thermostat.

Press the “enter” button. The lower number (SV) starts blinking. You can enter the desired temperature (SV) by means of arrow keys.

Press the “enter” button four times till the SV number is stable.

Restart the temperature; so that the number will be saved.

(Bear in mind that if the PV number gets closer to the SV number, the burner starts).

Turn on the centrifuge, so that the centrifugal circle starts working.

Put the sliced fruits on the trays and then slide in the racks.

Turn on the humidistat.

Note: the lid of the adjacent wall must be open.

Dehydrators size 75 type A and size 100 type B:

Note: the lid of the front wall that is for the furnace room must be open.  (These types of dehydrators are like exciter heaters. Turn on the pilot. When thermocable started working, fasten the carburetor stud to the burner).

Note: during the dehydration process, ensure the furnace eye lid is closed.

75 kg Dehydrator
How to operate electric dehydrators:

The power cable has three pins.

The black and red wires are phase wires.

The brown and yellow wires are earth wires.

(Please check out if the wires and sockets are phase or null by means of a phase tester).

The earth well must be fastened to the earth wire. If there is not any earth well, the earth wire must be fastened to the earth.

Open the electrical control panel box, and check out if the miniature circuit breakers are on.

Turn on the timer and the thermostat as mentioned above.

Note: the middle power switch is for the timer.


This dehydrator is facilitated with Iran Radiator Burner and electric valve. When the thermostat lets the burner turn on, the electric valve opens the gas to light the burner.

In order for adjusting the temperature of the cabinet, the electric valve obeys the thermostat. You can test the adjusted temperature by turning on and off the burner.

Press the chassis to reset the burner when the gas is cut off and the red light turns on.

Note: the yellow light indicates that the burning efficiency is high.

The burner turns off and the light goes red because of:

  1. An error in the system operation
  2. The displacement of the null and phase wires.
  3. Inappropriate connection of earth wire.
  4. Low or high pressure gas.
75 kg Dehydrator

The automatic relay that is installed on the burner adjusts the exciter (for two minutes) since the thermostat instructs the burner to turn on. The relay is installed on the burner in order for stopping the exciter from breaking down.

Iran Radiator Burner is economical. Sparking during the dehydrating process shows that the burner does not stay on. When the heat is reduced, the burner ignites. Then it turns off when the heat reaches to the desired level.

(It is worth noting that when the heat is reduced, the burner ignites again. When the temperature reaches to the desired level, the thermostat instructs the burner to turn off).

  Warning: there is a mounted heater pipe behind the dehydrator to vent the carbon monoxide out.

While plugging in, check out if you are connecting the phase or null wire. (The black wire must be connected to the phase; the blue wire must be connected to the null; and the yellow wire must be connected to the earth).

 Note: if the wires are not connected properly, the burner will not turn on.

If the earth, the phase and the null are connected properly, but the burner does not turn off and an error occurs even by resetting it, you must examine if the gas pressure is high or low.

Dehydrating Duration and Temperature

Time (hour)

Product Time (hour) Product


Dill, mint 8

Sliced black figs


chives 13

Black figs

4 Tarragon, fenugreek 14

Sliced lemons


onion 8



garlic 8



Persian shallot 13



ginger 13



mushroom 13



melon 13

Prunus domestica


orange 6



banana 18

Bunch of grapes


tomato 8


8 pineapple 8


8 Sliced plums 8


The dehydrating temperature must be between 55 to 70 degrees centigrade.

The times are according to the temperature and humidity parameters.

75 kg Dehydrator


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